The tree-lined boardwalk makes for a relaxing stroll any day of the year

    Hello and welcome to MyFloridaManatee.com!  Here you'll find information about many of the fun activities available at Blue Spring State Park, the "Winter Home of the Manatee" located in beautiful Orange City, Florida.  Whether you want to learn what sorts of rentals are available,or simply get a glimpse of the park, this is the place to be.

About Us

    Located in Orange City, Florida, Blue Spring pumps 104 million gallons of water a day into the St. John's River.  The water stays a consistent 72 degrees Fahrenheit, making the spring run the perfect haven for manatees when the river cools down in the winter.  But there's more to the park than just manatees.  At least 15 threatened or endangered plants and animals call the park their home.  A visitor to the park might see Florida scrub jays, gopher tortoises, black bears, and, of course, alligators. 

    The concession stand can be found roughly in the middle of the park, just off the main boardwalk and near the first parking area.  Here, you'll find a variety of rentals available, as well as a gift shop where you can purchase a variety of manatee and park-related merchandise in addition to snacks, drinks, sandwiches, and ice cream.  We'll be happy to answer any of your questions or provide assistance as best we can, so make sure to stop in and say hello.